Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Baby showers can be fun times. It may be one of the last times for the mother-to-be to enjoy a relaxing get together with family and friends. Once the baby arrives, things will be hectic. However, it may also be a somewhat awkward time if her family and friends do not know each other well. One of the best ways to break the ice between everyone is by playing a fun shower game! Baby shower games are generally inexpensive and just require a little planning. Here are a few examples of fun games you can play at the next baby shower you host.

Baby Photos

This is a simple game, but it can get everyone in the “baby” mood. Ask the baby shower attendees to bring a picture of themselves as a baby or toddler. Take each picture and post it on a large piece of poster board, assigning each photo a number. When all the guests have arrived, give each one a nametag so everyone knows everyone’s name. Then give each guest a piece of paper and let everyone guess who is who in the baby photos. The person who is able to identify the most baby pictures wins!

Baby Songs

Divide the party into two groups. Assign someone in each group to be the recorder and have them think of as many songs with baby in the title. Set a time limit of 5 minutes. Whichever team is able to list the most songs wins. To add more fun, make the losing team sing a song chosen by the winning team from their list.

Bottle Suckers

Some baby showers have men and women both attend, and this game is great for those type of showers. Fill one 4-ounce baby bottle with juice for each attendee. Have them all drink at once, timing them to see who finishes the fastest. It is good fun to see grownups sucking from a baby bottle. You can even trick the father-to-be by giving him a nipple with a small hole, so it takes him longer to drink the bottle.

Pillow Talk

This one is a little risqué, so if there are older relatives or men in the room, you may want to avoid it. However, if it is just the girls, it is super fun. Do not tell the mother-to-be what is going on, just have someone write down what she says when she opens each gift. Once all the gifts are open, have someone read back what she said, explaining that her comments are “what she said on the night the baby was conceived.” It makes for some hilarious innuendos!

Baby Food Tasters

This one gets everyone in the mood for the new little addition. Purchase ten jars of baby food – all different varieties. Print out a sheet that lists each flavor and post it somewhere in the room. Cover the bottom of the jars with foil and print a number on each one. All guests should have a plastic spoon, a paper plate, and a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Pass around each jar of baby food one at a time and have each guest place a small spoonful of the baby food on their plate. Have them taste it to try to guess what food it is. On their sheet of paper, have guests write down the number from the jar and what flavor that they think they are tasting. Sweet potatoes are usually hard to identify, so you might want to get a jar to try to fool everyone. Be sure to have your camera ready for the faces everyone will make when tasting the baby food.

Mom’s Waistline

This one is fun if the mother-to-be is not too sensitive about the size of her ever-expanding waistline. Get a roll of ribbon and ask each guest to pull out as much ribbon as she thinks it will take to cover the mother-to-be’s waistline. Cut off the ribbon and try it around the mom’s waistline. The guess who comes closest to the actual waist circumference wins.

Test Drive

If it is a pretty day and you plan to have the baby shower outside, this is an entertaining game to play. Set up an obstacle course in the yard, put a doll in the stroller and have each guest run the obstacle course. Time each guest, giving them a 5-second penalty for collisions and a disqualification if the doll falls out of the stroller. Whoever completes the course in the fastest time wins.

Many entertaining games can be played at a baby shower. Just be sure to bring the camera to record all the fun for the mother-to-be to enjoy for years to come.

The Complete Baby Shower Event That Your Guests Will Absolutely Love

A baby shower can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. There are several aspects that make up the complete baby shower. When all of these aspects are considered you will be the proud hostess of a fantastic baby shower.

One of the first things to take into consideration is the timing. You can be an organized hostess if you start the planning early. Check with the mom-to-be and set the date well in advance of the party. You might also ask the guest of honor for her ideas of an ideal shower.

After the date has been set you can start thinking about the theme. This is another area where the new mom may have an idea that can help you. Maybe the new parents will be decorating the nursery with a teddy bear theme. The parents-to-be may be sports fans or outdoor enthusiasts and you might want to use one of those ideas as a theme.

When you have chosen your theme you can purchase the invitations or make them if you would rather. If you really want to stay with a certain theme you could buy the decorations, plates, napkins and party favors at the same time. This will serve two purposes; you will have a completely coordinated theme and you will have quite a few of the preparations taken care of well before the day of the shower.

Next you can start thinking about the food that will be served at the baby shower. Will you keep it relatively simple or do you plan a big spread? This is entirely up to you and you may want to take into consideration what you think the guest of honor would enjoy the most. Cookies or muffins and a fruit cup may suffice or you might rather fix an entire five course meal. Maybe you will settle on something in-between.

Make sure you will have room for all the guests you have invited. You can borrow or rent extra chairs if necessary or if you are short on room you could move the baby shower outside, weather permitting. Another option would be to rent a party room or banquet room at a restaurant. If cooking is not your thing you could choose to cater the baby shower or have guests bring part of the food.

Think about baby shower games. Is this something the new mom would enjoy and if not you may want to omit this part of the baby shower. If you do decide on games you may want to provide gifts for the winners.

You will want to take care of as many of the preparations in the days before the shower as you can. Waiting to do everything the day of the event is stressful and often leads to a hostess who looks and feels frazzled.

Baby Shower Menu Ideas and Tips

When hosting a baby shower an important part of your duties is to come up with decent baby shower menu ideas for your guests. The last thing you want is for your guests to go hungry, or for them to think that you have economized with the drinks. Nobody wants to be labeled the Tight-Fisted Baby Shower Host!

You should start by deciding how formal/informal your baby shower food is going to be. This will allow you to easily home-in on suitable menu ideas. At the high end is the sit-down dinner, with maybe 4 courses, wine, good quality tableware, and probably a certain level of dress-code required of the guests. At the other end of the scale is the “come as you are” stand-up buffet. There is no right or wrong: you simply have to fit the baby shower to the social expectations of your guests. It may be tempting to hire caterers, a band, silverware, bone china crockery, etc., for your big day, but if this is at odds with how you and your guests live day-to-day, then you may end up making everyone feel uncomfortable.

If you aren’t going to be hosting an all-out banquet, with outside catering, etc., then you may be interested in these few ideas I have used myself:


These are small snacks that your guests can easily carry around with them on a plate. This has two positive effects: the guests have to load-up the plate and then move on, and they have to return to the table to get more food. All this moving around promotes interaction and conversation. So quite a clever way to get the chatter going! If you have decent carpet, you may want to avoid foods that require dips!

I recommend using only better quality food for your baby shower menu, and that applies to ice-breaker food, too. It will pay you back in spades if you serve your guests good, wholesome, tasty food, rather than so-so fare. Whenever possible, add your own touch: maybe a family-recipe seafood dip; a few herbs from your garden; home-baked bread, etc. It won’t make the guests think you caught the Atlantic shrimp yourself, but it will show that you are making a real effort for them. And that is money in the bank!

The Main Course

Following-on from the advice above, make sure that the food is good. Whether it’s a simple BBQ or a beef roast, don’t economize on the ingredients. Even if you are going for an informal theme, you can still wow your guests with interesting variations on classic ideas: what about serving an exotic meat burger, as well as more usual dishes? You won’t need much of it (as most won’t want to risk the experience), but it will certainly get everyone talking. If you want to “walk on the wild side”, then look online for specialist vendors, or even your local store. My local supermarket sells ostrich, emu and kangaroo meat!

It’s time to mention vegetarian guests: if any group of people has ever had to put up with terrible food at social gatherings, it’s the vegetarians. You may be a meat-eating, blue steak-loving, wolf-like carnivore, but more and more people are turning away from red meat – or meat of any kind – and favoring fish, fowl, and, in some cases, adopting the No Meat At All policy of the vegan diet. It’s no good rolling one’s eyes and thinking that the tired, worn-out, insipid and – frankly – disrespectful Vegetarian Lasagna cop-out will be good enough for your vegetarian guests; it simply won’t do!

Remember, too, that some guests will likely have allergies to certain foods or food groups. You can’t take risks, so always put a Dietary Requirements section on your baby shower invitations and read (then read again) all ingredients listings on the food you are going to serve, so that you know what you are serving to your guests. Having a guest leave in an ambulance is never a good thing!


Not everyone thinks that cake and ice cream are great baby shower menu ideas. I recommend adopting the same approach that restaurants take: allow each guest to select one item from a couple of sweet desserts, some decent cheeses with crackers, fruit, and liqueur coffee. That will keep just about everyone happy.


Alcohol and social events go hand-in-hand. But remember that a baby shower is not a 21st birthday party; it’s a much more refined and elegant occasion. It’s not good etiquette to demand that your guests not drink at all, but you can certainly limit their alcohol intake. A smart approach to this potentially tricky side of the baby shower is to serve one drink to each guest when they arrive, and then serve more drinks at 20 minute intervals. This is just a guide, and you know your guests best, but the thing to avoid is a Help Yourself To Booze scenario. Remember: it’s a Baby Shower.

So, organizing and implementing baby shower food and drink is not a science, but it does require some up-front thinking. By simply tweaking the usual baby shower menu ideas, adding a twist of originality, and keeping the guests’ needs in mind, the whole process becomes easier, and a lot more fun!